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FREE Mississippi DPS Permit Practice Test Two 2019 | MS

To get a permit and license in Mississippi you’ll need to first pass a written knowledge test based on the 2019 Mississippi Driver’s Manual. The written test will be offered on a computer at your local DPS location and consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. To pass the exam, you’ll need to correctly answer at least 24 questions. A permit is required to get behind the wheel of a car, so you’re required to pass the written test and hold a valid permit before you may take your driving exam. You may apply for a permit as early as age 14, though only if you are currently enrolled in a driver’s education course. Most drivers begin the permitting process when they are 15; they’re required to hold their permit for 12 months before they can take their driving test and receive an intermediate license if they’re still under age 17. Those 17 or over may take their written test and driving test on the same day if they pass the written knowledge test first. At the DPS, you’ll be required to take a vision test and provide proof of your identity, social security number, state residency, and pay any applicable fees, which may include the $7 permit fee, $11 intermediate license fee, or $9-24 for your license, depending on your age. This Mississippi DPS practice test can help you study before you take the real written knowledge test.

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