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FREE Mississippi DPS Permit Practice Test Four 2019 | MS

The knowledge test for a learner’s permit in Mississippi consists of 30 multiple-choice questions based on information from the 2019 Mississippi Driver’s Manual, on which you’ll need to score an 80% or better by correctly answering at least 24 of the questions. The written exam is offered on a computer at your local DPS. Testing ends at 4 pm across the state, so make sure to show up with plenty of time to complete your exam. If you’re unable to read, you can arrange an oral test at your local testing center. To get your permit, you’ll need to show proof of identity, state residency, and social security number, pass a vision test, and pay the $7 permit fee. If you’re a minor, you’ll also need to provide a school attendance form, and parental consent. If you’re 14, you’ll also need to provide proof you’ve enrolled in a driver’s education class. You can retake the written exam three times a day apart from each other, but if you need to try more than that you’ll have to wait another 30 days before you can retest. Use this DPS practice test to help you study, so you can avoid having to retake the test.

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